Monday, September 26, 2005

An artist that will leave you gasping in awe

Juanita Yoder is an amazing artist who has worked with fiber-reactive dyes on silk for fifteen years, along with drawing, watercolor and wearable art. Her work explores abstracted natural, celestial and human forms, and draws on her experiences, dreams and relationships, as well as her faith heritage.

Ok, that's what her resume says. It also mentions the many amazing exhibitions, commissions and collections to her name, such as:

Princeton University Chapel, Princeton, New Jersey; Commissions:
Two 25-foot (8 meter) paintings on silk, May 1999.
Two 25-foot (8 meter) paintings for the 250th anniversary of the founding of the University, June 1997.

Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York, New York: International Salon 1999-2000, "Unseen Realms" 1997, "Art Without Borders" 1997, "Naked: The Natural State of Being" 1997, "Myths, Milagros and Magic" 1996, "COLOR: The Divine Madness" 1996, International Salon 1995, Invitational exhibit 1995.

Commission by Princeton University Chapel for six paintings on silk, each 12' long by 3' wide, 2001.

Commission by Lawrenceville School, NJ for six suspended paintings on silk, and one altarcloth, 2004

What Juanita's website cannot fully convey is the spirited beauty her creations bring forth. Her work can move a person to tears. I have stood and admired her art in various locations and I find myself unable to look away. My eyes continue to find new and wonderful aspects in what she paints with every viewing and I am uplifted by the energetic vibrancy that Juanita's art emotes. While a lot of her work centers around religious institutions, there is no affiliation with any particular belief system required to connect to the passionate sentiments apparent in what Juanita brings to bare.

Juanita Yoder is a gift to any person or institution that loves not only fine art, but also the soulful experience that truly emotional creativity can provoke. Check out Juanita's work at her site and also contact her directly through the same.

Note: I put this on top again because you should go check her site out. Go! Now!

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