Monday, October 13, 2008

Poem: Mirror Talk

Mirror Talk

There are no offered answers
In dead end roads of sought nothings.
Voices missed as shrill whiteness,
Speaking hollow words that die.

And death comes in poisons drunk;
Imbibed, thinking it nectar’s sustenance.
Instead, choking and compounding sickness.

The journey mocks in absurdities
Of Holy Grails providing fodder for fantastic stories;
Lore told to misdirect into a deeper maze.

Teach me to sing again once-wise brother.
Laughter, an echo still faintly present.
I wish to spin with arms spread open,
Diving into fields of forever green.

You, you hold all of mystery’s hidden secrets
Laid out in bountiful gifts of love;
To forgive, learn, dream ...
Breathe, rest ...
Bask in warmest providence.

Mirror, mirror on the wall ...

Copyright SGW 2007

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