Friday, April 15, 2005

Poem: Storyteller

Ok, for National Poetry Month, here's my entry. I was sitting in a coffeehouse and could not write anything. Scrap upon scrap found its way to the trash. A singer/songwriter, George Wirth, began performing, and his ability to tell a story overwhelmed me with imagery and detail. I wrote this portrait of him. I had the good fortune to share this piece with George and his wife. They were so pleased and appreciative. Two artists making each other feel good with their art.


Words expressive of life’s lessons.
Guitar chords reveal reflections
To moments passed by time’s resolve.
And the storyteller dances
Within verses; subtle moments.
Presenting images unknown
Yet understood by quiet souls
Inside their own contemplations.
Common bonds, unrelated thoughts,
Come together with shared embrace
As connective humanity.

Copyright SGW 2005


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these words the other night in Asbury. Your words capture my feelings about George's art. It's interesting that someone can write a poem influenced from another peom (song). The thing that is most surprising to me is that this came out of you the very first time you heard George. I would like to know which of his songs you heard that day. You have a great way of expressing your art. I'll catch up with you soon I'm sure. Thank you and Take care.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thank you very much. I wish I could tell you the exact songs, but it is so long ago now. I would guess they are from George's first album. It was simply the essence of what he writes about and how he speaks. It took me to wonderful and interesting places and got my pen moving.