Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poem: Tumult


Inside the dark of tranquility lies a numbing lament
Where the long, lonely hours mark the dreams gone unspent
Bereft in an ocean sits a ship with no wind
Secure is the man stands untouched by the sinned
Destinations might open to a land suffering’s spared
But the map is in tatters and the sailor grows scared
Winds whip with vengeance in an all-knowing rage
Escape not an answer for the battles we’d wage
Conclusions are wrought with uncertainty’s vice
As wrong choices linger to a far-reaching price
Devices of reason are unreasonably wasted
The tonic for suffering is consumed but not tasted
Screaming and laughing, always cursing the sky
Forget any wisdom or the gifts she’d imply
Slowly unraveled lies the nightmare delusion
Where all of the rhythms are but empty illusions

Copyright SGW 2009


-rachelleeashlee. said...

Wow.. This is really incredible. So deep, I can really feel the emotion.

STP said...

Thank you very much!

-rachelleeashlee. said...

You're welcome!

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