Thursday, September 23, 2004

Poem: Puget Sound Orcas

A few years ago, after recovering from cancer(5 1/2 years cancer-free now!) and from having a back surgery that allowed me to do some traveling, I decided there were things I needed to see. One was orcas in the wild. August of 2003, I flew to Seattle, and one of the things I experienced was a ten hour boat ride around Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands to go orca watching. What an experience!! I will go back sometime soon, but here is what I wrote about that day.

Puget Sound Orcas

Soft, chilling waters alive in this Sound
Worlds since uncovered where a beauty abounds
Eyes roam the distance of shorelines of green
Ride to horizons with bluest of gleam
Chance to bare witness to sea mammals resting
Bald Eagle sits in the trees of its nesting
Man’s yet to spoil remarkable visions
Hope he stays wise in his future decisions
Heart starts to race as I glance my first fin
Black and white beauty in their mystical swim
Look all around to the pod we’re among
Bask in the warmth in my skin that’s begun
From every which way are new sights to behold
Glide through the waters with a strength that’s so bold
Just off to starboard, whales coast right beside
Revealing appearance that the waters would hide
Can’t help but marvel at the wonders they bring
Find us encircled in an Orca-made ring
Familial in nature, the pods form a whole
A bonded communion where each has a role
Watching, I smile with grin ear to ear
Puget Sound Orcas are a heaven so dear

Copyright SGW 2003


Kat Mortensen said...

I most likely will never go to Puget Sound, but thanks to this lovely piece, I feel that I already have. "Heart starts to race as I glance my first fin". I know exactly what that thrill is--feel the same way if a hawk lands on the fence in my backyard.
Did you write as you were standing there, or as a reflection on the experience?
I was sorry to learn about your battle with cancer, yet happy that you have been cancer-free for 51/2 years. I'll remember that.

Unknown said...

Thanx, Kat. I wrote this a day or so after. Actually, I might have been on the plane coming home. It was amazing. When we were on the boat, there was no time, as we were surrounded by whales. Later, I was always on the look out, in case more came.

I was cancer free 5 1/2 years then. I am 9 years now, as of February 5th.

Kat Mortensen said...

Oh, yes. I'm living in the moment and forgot it was written back then. Nine years is terrific! So, your anniversary is this week, then.
I'm trying to gradually work my way through all of your stuff. I'd really like you to check out some of my earlier pieces - I wrote a lot of cat poems based on news items and a number of animal poems. My inspirations have changed of late.

Unknown said...

That's ok. As for your works, I will keep it in mind to go back some during the week. Not home now. Promise, though.