Sunday, January 18, 2009

Poem: Take Out The Trash (Or George Bush's Term Ends)

Take Out The Trash (Or George Bush’s Term Ends)

Goodbye to that snicker
And the empty, dumb stare
Adios to the “leader”
Who never did care

I speak of Katrina
As he flew overhead
We can talk of our soldiers
Four thousand-plus dead

Or maybe the workers
Who Enron sold out
Perhaps deregulation
And the greed it would flout

Might mention the warnings
In the NSA brief
With a vacant expression
Our Commander in Chief

While Towers were falling
He read “My Pet Goat”
A half-hearted mission (Afghanistan)
Then a too early gloat (“Mission Accomplished”)

Tax cuts for rich folks
The planet a foe
Faith as a weapon
Divisions would grow

Never held interest
In the interests of all
Exclusive for zealots
With a self-righteous call

Gitmo and “Brownie”
Abu Ghraib, Karl Rove
Wherever the story
The low road he strove

Torture made “legal”
A Veep of no bounds
In every step taken
Corruption resounds

So goodbye George Dubya
Farewell Cheney, Dick
The people have spoken
As grown cold to your schtick

Copyright SGW 2008


Anonymous said...

I was encouraged by a big sign I saw on the TV coverage today "Arrest Bush" and an interview where a woman was asked what she thought about the Bush presidency and she answered "it all started with a stolen election."

Unknown said...

Yes it did and it was all downhill from there.

JM said...

THIS is probably the best thing to emerge from the 8 years that we've been subjected to!

Unknown said...

I am losing my muse!!