Sunday, June 5, 2005

So much talent can't be legal - Janey Todd

What can you say about singer/songwriter Janey Todd to do justice to her craftsmanship as a musician? If it were up to her, you would likely say nothing, as she eschews the spotlight and does not desire accolades.

At the same time, though, Todd is the consummate musician. A brilliant lyricist who writes what she lives and sees things with humor, sarcasm, biting force, and penetrating nuance, Todd gets to the heart of any topic she explores with unyielding conviction and intricate and unpredictable force. She is unassuming in style, almost to the point of going silent at times. Yet in that calm, is the strength of her message and voice; a voice that can be playful, imaginative and complex.

Todd's songs take no prisoners. She refuses to apologize for revealing the shortcomings of what she chooses to measure, including herself at times. In that, comes the greatest beauty of her work; uncompromising integrity.

Yet, while the above-written words seem to paint the picture of a cynic (a good artist must have a touch of cynicism within them), that would not be a fair appraisal of Janey Todd by any stretch of the imagination.

She appears to love being a musician, if being one can be on terms that are a comfortable fit. She has a kindness and peacefulness to her presence that is readily apparent when she performs. Friendly and a good soul, Janey Todd simply asks that you listen and enjoy as she plays. If you do, it will become obvious that she has much to teach you.