Sunday, October 3, 2004

Poem: Two A.M. Hairball

A little humor that cat lovers will appreciate.

Two A.M. Hairball

Lying in peace late at night in my bed
Soundly asleep as the dark hours fled
Deep in a slumber awash in all dreams
Nothing more tranquil; at least so it seems
Strange sudden noises awaken my sleep
I’m up in a moment no matter how deep
For below the foot of my bed echoes most hideous bellows
Reminds me of coughing - it’s my furry, black fellows!
One’s filled with a hacking of a disturbing relent
Another Two A.M. Hairball disturbs all content
It is a chooking and chekking that breaks up the night
Until a heap of their dinner is planted in sight
Gracing my carpet, a mountain of dreck
Yet the worst part is cleaning every last little speck
Every feline companion has known what I speak
Yet the Two A.M. Hairball is not for the weak
The first time you hear it, you think the cat might implode
Then each every after you just wait to scoop up the load
You try lots of tricks to lessen occurrence
Whether treats, meds or diet, nothing’s deterrence
So cat people sleep with an ear for that sound
Certainly deep in an evening the coughs will abound
And sigh or ignore it, it still’s gonna’ come
The Two A.M. Hairball and the cats that they’re from.

Copyright SGW 2001

* Footnote: The words chooking and chekking should be pronounced the way a Jewish person would pronounce Chanukkah. You know, that flem-making sound that some Hebrew words utilize.


Poetikat said...

Ah, yes! We are all too familiar with those noises (Hebrew or otherwise). The worst is if you try to navigate your way to the bathroom in the dark and suddenly step on a hairball. It is incredible how one can be in the deepest of sleep and yet spring to attention as if shot as soon as the dreaded chooking begins.
Check out the little flick on my blog -- you will relate, I'm certain.

Poetikat said...
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