Thursday, November 11, 2004

Poem: Memorial (Every) Day

While this poem was obviously written on Memorial Day, I think it is appropriate today, too.

Memorial (Every) Day

Bullets have flown by them
Some found their marks
Airplanes menaced their ships
And mines destroyed
They gave their lives
Saved ours
The heroes
Each night could be their last
Death a constant
Homes were so far away
Cold foxhole beds
They fought with grand honor
Selfless fears for a job
Freedom their cause
They gave their lives
Saved ours
The heroes
Wounds that can never heal
Scars define them
Lost friends gone forever
Limbs, eyes and souls
Any freedom due thanks
Serving country
Each day merits blessing
They gave their lives
Saved ours
In every war and battle
Our heroes

Copyright SGW 2004

Footnote: Written on Memorial Day, 2004 for every Veteran who has served this country, from the Revolution to Iraq, and into the future. The wars, just or not, were always fought by heroes. I can never fully appreciate or understand what a Veteran endures. This is my thank you for their service, nonetheless.

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