Saturday, February 28, 2009

Poem: Mark Levin Popped A Blood Vessel

Mark Levin Popped A Blood Vessel

A special perk of Obama’s winning has come from funny place

So now I find amusing voice where once I heard disgrace

Perchance I moved the dial over and settled ABC

The ranting, raving lunatic espousing mad decree

Calls of creeping, Marxist fear and manufactured dread

Pathetic sheep who heed his call – the mindlessly misled

The “know it all” and “said it first” and “all the others follow”

A “noble” soul, “the patriot” and facts come awful hollow

Crescendo builds to righteous rage, can feel his anger flourish

Visualize his neck vein surge as hatreds he doth nourish

Hypocrisy, extremist fear and all the facts be damned

The script lays out the master plan: “Division on demand”

The worst our nation has to give of worthless, empty din

Think self-absorbed, say bottom fed … you know it’s Mark Levin

Copyright SGW 2009

Footnote: Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, the entire FOX “News” Network, and Ann Coulter can be substituted in for Mark Levin (among others), but you will have to work up the closing rhyme.


paisley said...

bravo!! oh that was clever,, and effortless to read,, although i am sure it took quite a lot of work to make it seem like that!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you. It came fairly quickly actually. Levin is easy to make fun of.

Michelle Hix said...

Oh this was great...I needed this today...ha ha. Brilliant writing!