Saturday, June 6, 2015

Poem: Ambiguous


Formulate a hypothesis
Sit here quite anonymous
Don’t tell me it’s preposterous
Watched lions hunt rhinoceros (On “Big Cat Diary”)
Sometimes thoughts feel bottomless
Rise within my consciousness
Repetition becomes monotonous
Lost in the metropolis
Devout await apocalypse
Irrational their prophetess
It’s all a vast necropolis
Behold the cold sarcophagus
Comes across as ludicrous
The weight of it is ponderous
One percent of us is phosphorus (Google it!)
Total friggin’ awesomeness
The world is often monstrous
Yet equal parts so wondrous
Voices singing sonorous
Crescendo to the thunderous
Approach an end so ominous
Love no less than pompitous

Copyright SGW 2015

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