Monday, May 9, 2005

Tina Vero

One cannot claim an understanding of the soul and ideas of an artist after spending two hours in their presence, but in sitting through a Tina Vero performance a sense of a passionate musician and warm and gentle soul come clearly into focus. To watch and listen to Vero, is to spend time with a spirit of introspective and intimate musicianship.

With guitar playing hinting of Ani Difranco, and a soft, yet powerful voice reminiscent of Dar Williams and Jonatha Brooke, Tina Vero weaves stories of vivid imagery and complex musical arrangement. Together, these tools provide her with an ability to bring about a discussion of life's experiences in a way that is uniquely her own, yet familiar, too.

Vocally, Vero ranges from the intense to the quiet and reflective. When dedicating a song, "Dark Wheel," to her sick grandmother it is possible to gain a sense of her passion for living via a song of fears and lost/missed moments.

Vero presents herself on stage with a constant smile, almost as if saying, "I love doing this so much, hang out, dance with me, and enjoy the moment." She talks about life in all its dimensions, but does so with grace and affection, even when singing of sad times and places.

If you live in north/central New Jersey, check her out live. If not, buy her music and join her mailing list so as to be able to purchase her forthcoming CD. I hope she graces a stage near me again soon.

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