Sunday, January 30, 2005

April Smith - "Revenge of the Brunette"

The best part of frequenting the shore music scene is the strong possibility existing that you will discover great, new music with each visit. Saturday night was no exception. Welcome April Smith to Poetic Leanings' music, faces and places link list.

April is a singer/songwriter from Monmouth County, New Jersey. She sings a mix of originals and covers, and also brings a witty banter to her show that gives the crowd the sense of being in her living room with her (and her avocado-eating dog) enjoying a friend while she strums on her guitar.

The songs April sings come from a place deep within her soul. She breaths a vibrancy and passion into each note and word she delivers and the conviction of what she shares with her audience can at times overwhelm in its message and delivery. That is a good thing. Three songs that particularly connect on her CD, "Revenge of the Brunette," are "Dixie Boy," "P.S." and "The One That Got Away," as they display her most deeply-felt emotions; bringing her thoughts to life in full body.

April plays guitar with a seemingly effortless abandon. Her craftsmenship combines perfectly with a voice that is at once soft and gentle, yet also biting and powerful in its rawest moments. You can see her lyrics as they pour out of her soul while performing. The gift for connecting with her audience is clear.

Please go to her website and check her out. Buy her CD now!! If you live anywhere near central New Jersey, seek her out for a live viewing. She is worth the trip.

One bonus: April shared a line from a friend that I love: "What other people think of you is none of your business."

Final note: The CD was the perfect duration to get me from the parking lot of the Indigo Coffeehouse to my garage. That was quite considerate of April.

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