Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Poem: Accumulation


On this cold, wintry day
As I step back in time
Left with remembrance
Through the years and the rhyme

Outside there is snowfall
Each flake is a thought
Memory once fading
For the moment, I’m caught

Those whispers that linger
Form the whole of the mind
All of them shaping
To the me I’ve defined

Some are now blessings
Many bore pain
As the snow fills the window
I am here just the same

We will shovel tomorrow
Call it snow cast aside
Like memories forgotten
Or at least that we’d hide

Copyright SGW 2008

Footnote: For my poetry challenge suggested by Michelle Hix of a memory I’d like to forget that played a role in who I am now. I cheated a bit, and do not mention any specifics, but I like where this went.


Michelle Hix said...

I got pun intended and not because it was my challenge. I loved it. Loved how each flake was a memory. Great job! I always look for poetry challenges...I need the motivation.

Unknown said...

Oh, go with the pun!

Thank you. As I sat down to write in my local Starbucks, I was tossing around several specifics. But then this poem kind of happened.

SandyCarlson said...

I like where it went, too. I supplied my own specifics as I read. You speak for me, too.

paisley said...

well i think it turned our quite well to... an excellent exploration of a memory....

Anonymous said...

oh this is so good. The imagery of this ditty is great. it works so well. ..