Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Feet

Given all of the hoopla about "Happy Feet," mostly silly, anti-gay rants from the wingnuts, but also some commentary on the environmentalism of the movie, I felt it was appropriate to speak briefly on the subject.

I took my three neices to see "Happy Feet" on Christmas Eve. To be honest, I wanted to see it perhaps more than they did. It looked wonderful. Sadly, I left disappointed.

First, the graphics were superb. The animals all seemed so real at times, especially the orca. Also, the generic story for the kids was at times cute and fun. Plus some of the characters were wholly lovable, particularly the little "latino" penguins.

However, the movie brought much in the way of darkness, and for children, at times, it was a bit too intense. There are two particularly scary scenes, one involving the orca and the other a sea leopard.

Also, the idea of the penguin going into a stupor of depression near the end, where he sees images of his family disappear, and then throws a fish at a wall where they stood, as if he had lost his mind, was a too much for a cartoon.

The idea that this movie is promoting a gay agenda is silly. Cartoon movies have often put forth the concept of accepting those who are not the same as everyone else. If it was homosexuality in this one, or just someone who had a different take on living life, so be it. There was nothing threatening, and it was lost on the kids anyway. I think anti-gay rhetoric is simply homophobic, stupidity at its lowest. Maybe some of you wingnuts can just come out of the closet already and get over it!

I heard someone say that this movie could have been written by Al Gore. I agree. The environmental message, while I concur with it 100%, was, again, a bit over the top for a kids flick and just plain too much for me, given the arena. Cartoon movies should teach with some measure of subtlety. "Happy Feet" was completely in your face. When going to see a cartoon, you want something a bit lighter.

In conclusion, "Happy Feet" has its cute moments and is not a bad movie. The anti-gay nonsense is exactly that. However, "Happy Feet" gets carried away, and for that, had me less than thrilled when leaving the theater.

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