Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Poem: Black Hole/Faith

Ah, the inner battles that the mind plays out ...

Black Hole

Black hole abounding
Silence confounding
Can’t reach the distance
‘Spite all persistence
Space masks a raging
No calmed assuaging
Borne of a chilling
Emptiness filling


Hope in submission
Trusting the mission
God’s will is turning
Each day brings learning
Can’t know His meaning
Faith bares redeeming
Time can show glory
Unfinished story

Copyright SGW 2008


Sandy Carlson said...

I like the circular motion these poems create through rhyme, line length, and meaning. How they seem to orbit around each other!

STP said...

Yes! My goal was to make reflective poems that could show the inner struggle, in this case, between feeling hopeless and having a sense that things can work out if we believe.