Sunday, January 11, 2009

Poem: Present And Accounted For

I have combined Present's 3 challenges into one. Three different topics, but all done within the same cup of decaf, soy latte.

Present And Accounted For

Wind, Storms, Water

Spread the seeds of life

Wash upon a stain

Outlet for re-birth

Cleanse away some pain

Softness to the face

Cool against the skin

Mystery of God

Without and from within


Me, in my corner

Chance upon your lovely face

Catch eyes returning a gentle stare

You look away

Then back again

From the corner of my eyes I peek

Our little game

Or simply the goings on over my shoulder?

A lack of confidence says I will never know


Come home from our real day

Our real world

With tail between legs

Spent of life

Dripping into a recliner

Looking for escape and illusion

Televisions bring … reality TV?

Where nothing is really real


Voyeurs, wishing to flee from the mundane

Within the trivial, shallow, meaninglessness of another mundane

Watching, not doing, because the doing done doesn’t do it for us

Copyright SGW 2009

Footnote: For my poetry challenge from Present 1) the purpose or intention of wind, storms or water 2) glances or looks or eye movements and how they could be interpreted 3) attach an unusual meaning to every day observations, such as the way people walk, talk or dress and what it says about them.


present said...

Wow, you've come through with the triple dog dare!
I like how you combined the intentions of wind,storms and water...all three together being a "mystery of god".
Glances, at someone or something does evoke shyness. Your middle poem speaks to shy flirtations that can't lead to anything more.
I can relate to "Watching" except for me, the doing done (teaching) does do it for me. It is probably the mindless, meaningless, mundane escape of TV that will do us all in more than the real day!
I enjoyed your process. Thanks for inviting me be a part of it.

Unknown said...

Thanx. You gave me a fun challenge because these were hard - particularly the last one. Reality TV is so destructive and absurd that it seemed to be the perfect place to go with the idea.