Thursday, February 22, 2007

Poem: If A Promise

If A Promise

I feel the print of steps I've chosen
A bridge that seeks my God
A path of thorns and thickets forming
Reveals a worn facade

The road can muddy within a flash
'Till feet might weigh a ton
Is the promised land before me now
And God I am your son

While legs grow sore and knees are aching
A thirsting burns my throat
Elusive answers upon the tongue
I swallow words that choke

A million angels will bare a salve
For untold, unknown sin
The darkened sky a looming struggle
Fight demons from within

A brilliant light feeds promised hunger
'Gainst fury of a storm
Countless sighs in timeless breathing
The load that life has borne

Copyright SGW 2007


writerwoman said...

That is fantastic! Saying it aloud gives a hypnotic effect.

Love it!

writerwoman said...

I have fixed your entry at the Soup to Nuts Progressive Dinner first course.

Sorry about the mix up.

Feel free to email me on poetry related stuff, if the need ever arises, at


Thanks, Scott, for taking part in the Progressive Dinner and for being a part of PWB.



STP said...

Thank you, Sara. The best part is that I am still unsure what it is about!

Pam said...

Great poem just in time for Ash Wednesday and Lent. Thanks for sharing.