Friday, September 24, 2004

Poem: The Black and White Cookie

I am heading to Charlottesville, Virginia for a three day weekend, but before I go, I wanted to leave you guys with something ...

I loved Seinfeld. I love black and white cookies. I would really love racial and religious harmony. The first time I performed this poem in public, I had someone hand out fresh black and white cookies to the crowd.

The Black and White Cookie

So big in size these cookies are,
A world of cookie treat,
The black and white stand side by side,
And are equally good to eat.
Not separated within different wrappered places,
They share a common space,
The cookie’s special because of both,
Neither one could we replace.
Perhaps it’s diversity that brings a value,
Or the contrasts which offer something true,
There’s just one thing I’d wish to add,
A cookie of Christian, Muslim, Jew.

Copyright SGW 1997

*Inspired by an episode of "Seinfeld" and my love of Black and White Cookies

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