Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Poem: LeBron Can Suck It

LeBron Can Suck It

Egomaniacal narcissist

“I am the King”

“I am the King”

“Kiss my ring”

“And I will toy with your hearts”

Playing a sad game

A need for endless adulation

Non-stop self-congratulation

Not enough to have it all

But all the more

Ignore NYC

And MJ’s long shadow

And walk away from Cleveland

Where just being Cleveland is hard enough

All for the coward’s stacked deck

“The Brand” got covered in mud

And D Wade’s still the stud

LeBron can suck it

Copyright SGW 2010

1 comment:

Unknown said...

For anyone stopping by, as I type this I am rooting for the Cavs in the finals against Golden State; mostly because I like Cleveland. Also, LeBron James is one of the top five players in NBA history; maybe in the top two, and he is a solid citizen.

However, he remains an egomaniacal dick who thinks the world revolves around him.