Monday, July 14, 2008

George Wirth

How lucky am I to be living in Monmouth County, New Jersey?! I have the beautiful Atlantic nearby, sometimes fast access to NYC and Philly, and so much character and promise in the area, if you look away from Route 9, the strip malls and the corrupt politicians. I also have great clubs and coffeehouses, like the Twisted Tree, where the best music can live and breathe, and a poet can find a sweet spot to pen his words.

It's in these music sanctuaries where a fan of the best of the singer-songwriter genre will find George Wirth. For those that have heard George play, saying he is a unique and original incarnation of Bob Dylan or the early or recent Bruce Springsteen would not raise an eyebrow. Those of us who are entranced by his words and music know that we are listening to something special; at once powerful and tender.

Previously, I have spoken about George Wirth here and here. The poem "Storyteller" is about him, too. That said, while there is a George Wirth performing, I am not certain there can be enough written about what a shining talent he is. With that in mind, I'd like to call your attention to more of George.

You can listen to my favorite song, "Weight of Sin," by downloading from the link. But George has now gone to an entirely new level with "Memorial Drive." This nine minute saga is about Asbury Park; but not. It is a slice of Americana that anyone will understand and relate to via the imagery of loss, emptiness and shattered dreams that translates no matter where you call home. Had Wirth attempted to write an Asbury Park song, or striven to channel Dylan or Springsteen, failure would have been likely; it would have lacked the integrity of truth. However, Wirth comes from a place that is all his own while striking a chord in each of us that is familiar nonetheless.

There, I have said enough; check it out for yourself.


SandyCarlson said...

Your beautiful Jersey roots are showing, Scott! I love it. And I will give all of this a try on your very beautiful recommendation.

STP said...

Hey, and if you like him, if we ever get you guys down this way, we will plan around one of his shows.

SandyCarlson said...

Sounds good to me! Hey, thanks for stopping by, Scott. Hope all is well with you.

Scott G said...

It sounds like good doing nothing music. Not where you actually don't do anything or zone out, but where you just think. Kind of like meditation.

STP said...

Yes, George is quite the meditative sound. Makes you get lost in image.