Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Poem: Theorize


Time is elusive and time is at hand
Absolute reason; chaotic, unplanned
Time imparts theory of fullness in being
Everything, nothing, upon us while fleeing
Time reaches, grasping, for understood thinking
Lost in a moment by reflex of blinking
Time passes surely while time’s made to live
Gone through the spaces of effluent sieve
Time lasts forever in its finite dominion
Withstanding convention or dissenting opinion
Time’s been provided until it is squandered
Lapses unnoticed; continually pondered
Time is cliché yet creative conception
Stands as the rule and recedes from exception
Time knows no boundary can be hoped to transcend
A Big Bang beginning; collapse for an end

Copyright SGW 2014

Footnotes: Inspired by “The Theory of Everything,” a movie about Stephen Hawking. M.A.D. assistance in this writing.

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