Sunday, August 30, 2009

Poem: Damn, It's God

Damn, It's God

God as musician is a curious picture.

Creator of lyrics as opposed to the scripture.

Plays a guitar, strumming notes to some song.

His tuning is perfect; His picking is strong.

Smooth in His style, with a finest detail;

Biblical storied, instrumental portrayal.

Perhaps He'd do covers. I could think of a few.

How cool would it be if Joan Osborne He'd do?

Invokes roused ovations. Sometimes heads bowed in deference.

Solo or band? One must wonder his preference.

Discover this artist who has growing appeal.

Damn, but it's God with his own record deal!

Copyright SGW 2005


Kitchen worktops girl said...

I love the cheerful tone of this poem. Made me smile throughout :)

STP said...