Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Poem: Cell Out

Cellular phones: We have gone insane over them! They definitely serve a purpose and are a wonderful convenience. But they can also be a sorry-ass excuse for rudeness, disconnect, distraction, and silliness.

Cell Out

No act diverts from the time spent attached
Ridiculous habits have relentlessly hatched
An addiction of measure quite absurdly attained
No thinking is given to any effort restrained

Gaggles of teens walk together, though barely
Each busy texting; interaction comes rarely
A guy in the gym must take calls while he works
Too many times I’m held up by these jerks
Listening to music, a cell phone blares out
Rudest of people, without any doubt
During movies or dinner or in library halls
Nothing can limit all these meaningless calls

Seen a man with a blue tooth planted firmly in ear
At a burial service, but he hardly could care
Full conversations on a grocery store line
And fully ignoring any “No Cell Phone” sign

There are places and times for a call to be taken
But from your seats at the ball game they are better forsaken
Each and every occurrence seems a reason to yap
I say take in the moment and shut your big trap!

Copyright SGW 2008


Anonymous said...

A necessary evil, to be certain, mine serves as a tracking device, that will surely go off as my hands are full! I have thrown mine when overwhelmed, but not at anyone.

I drove by a carload of guys, all on their cells...very weird.

Blessings dear Scott,

paisley said...

i do have a cell phone,, if that is what you call it.. i think got it in 2002 and it only works when i am not anywhere near where i live,, due to the rolling hills in which i live... but i pay my $25 every three months into my go phone account,, and pray i never have an emergency in which i need to use it...

i am ever so unconnected,, i don't even have the ringers turned on on my land line... if you want me to know you are there,, you have to leave a message,, and if i feel like it,, i might pick up......

i might be "old fashioned" but i am ever so much more free.....

Unknown said...

Well, let me say ... oh, hold on, I have a call coming through!

Fireblossom said...

LOL @ stp!!!

Paisley and I must be soul sisters...I don't own a cell phone and turn off my land line regularly, or simply don't answer it, much to my mother's irritation.

Ever since reading Stephen King's "Cell", I call phone people "phone crazies" though not to their face of course. "Phone zombies" too.

Get zen. Can you be here now?

Joyce said...

My daughter has a friend at work who moved here from Japan. This friend told her that it is considered rude in Japan to speak aloud in public. Instead, everyone there uses the "text" function. :) So, if folk there are disconnected from the present, at least they do so quietly.

Unknown said...

Fireblossom and Paisley: Wow, you are definitely two of a kind!!!

Joyce: Plus, judging for my teen niece, you are not cool if you call. Texting is a must. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Yes it's strange how so many people believe that when a phone rings you have to pick up right away, regardless!

I always turn off the ringtone when in public and if I'm talking to someone and he or she answers a meaningless call in the middle of our conversation ... I consider the conversation done! So most people who visit me turn of their irritating ringtones and answer their calls later :)

I like this subject a lot ... I'm gonna give it a go myself ... so thanks for the prompt Scott!