Saturday, November 27, 2004

Poem: Places I'm Going

As promised, this poem was inspired by the movie "Finding Neverland." It combines real life experiences that allow my imagination to flourish with the dreams that I often drift into. Both reality and fantasy provide wonderful places to go to.

Places I’m Going

Dream of discovering the minds of the past
Riding the currents of waves ever last
Flying the heavens awash in the breeze
Scaling limbed-staircase ‘pon high in the trees
Drifting to places my mind often wanders
Escaped within landscapes as poetry ponders
Thoughts of portrayal of adventurous theme
Simplistically life can be vividly seen
Memory lingers in moments of pause
Baskingly joyous in adulation’s applause
Quietly hidden in God’s earth creation
Peace-given blessing is heartfelt elation
Cuddled up winters with a cat and a book
Driving a distance on a road never took
Shorelines for walking with barefoot distraction
Seemingly drawn by the ocean’s attraction
Imagination and living are interwoven for knowing
Listed above are some places I’m going

Copyright 2004


writerwoman said...

This poem captures the magic of creating poetry, that feeling that goes through you after all the words are in just the right place.

Thanks for sharing it with the members of PWB.

SandyCarlson said...

Lovely poem. Imagination and living are indeed interwoven. Sometimes I think they're the same thing.
Writing in Faith

Jodi Peary said...

Full of the magic of the imagination, the hope of the heart and the perfection of choice of words by the dedicated mind. Thank you. jodi barone

qualcosa di bello said...

every line is a journey...this is just lovely!