Friday, October 8, 2004

Poem: Bush/Cheney


They hide in their shadows
And hold no regret
Squander our future
Yet act so upset
When questioned of virtue
Or asked for some plan
Blame they shift elsewhere
They don’t give a damn
Devise false compassion
Conceal all their hate
A future providing
Has been left up to fate
An agenda conspiring
Masses they dupe
The lowest of levels
They’ll willingly stoop
Tax cuts for wealthy
Connected to oil
Our natural beauties
They happily spoil
Destroy with no reason
Invade for no cause
Debts left as burdens
Their waste knows no pause
Promote world disorder
Bridges to burn
No need for alliance
In friends that they spurn
Fundamentalist preaching
They imply and invoke
Rights from the Founders
They slowly revoke
On November the second
Vote with a purpose
Remove from their office
This Bush/Cheney circus

Copyright SGW 2004

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