Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Poem: Chasing Rainbows

A rainbow is a hard thing to ride. That pot of gold at its end ever-difficult to obtain.

Chasing Rainbows

I’ve been raining for so long;
On again, off again.
When it stops, here I am
Looking at the clearing skies;
Chasing rainbows.

In excitement from the sunnying day,
With thoughts of wonder,
And a belief in what the image brings;
Vast rewards await;
Chasing rainbows.

Yet each slide ‘long the colored path
Reaps no ending glory,
Or reveals someone else’s pot of gold,
Leaving me with approaching clouds
From chasing rainbows.

The arch of hopeful promise fades
In the torrent of a new-born storm;
Finds me raining again,
Until I am deceived by the lure
Of once more chasing rainbows.

Copyright SGW 1998

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