Sunday, May 22, 2005

Assassination Vacation

Having caught Sarah Vowell on "The Daily Show" a number of times, it is quite apparent that she is witty and intelligent, willing to dig beneath the surface of something in order to find the more interesting core and kinda' cute, too. For some reason, I have been remiss in reading her works, but have started "Assassination Vacation."

The book, in its early stages, is hysterically clever. I love the scene in the bed and breakfast over brunch. Anyway, one quote immediately jumped out:

"... discussing the current president. That's what I like to call him, 'the current president.' I find it difficult to say or type his name, George W. Bush. I like to call him 'the current president' because it's a hopeful phrase, implying that his administration is only temporary."

Let's hope the temporary part holds up, Sarah. Given the abuse to the Constitution so far, I have my doubts.

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