Monday, June 6, 2005

Red Molly 4 Song EP

Red Molly is comprised of Laurie MacAllister, Abbie Gardner and Carolann Solebello. The trio has joined forces to release a self-titled, 4 song EP that is a gift to the ears. Red Molly’s three angelic voices come together to form a harmonized, sweetness that is unmatched. Their sound is woven into simple arrangements that leave the listener enchanted and begging for more.Red Molly slides in and out of different musical genres in a way that makes it difficult to classify them. From Appalachia-based selections, such as the Susan Werner song, “Yellow House,” with MacAllister on lead vocals, to Gardner’s cleverly written and hauntingly played dobro on the country song “Long Island Cowboy,” the listener is left with beautiful harmonies and subtle musicianship. The robust bass of Solebello serves as the bedrock on each track, while her playful mandolin on “Long Island Cowboy” enhances the spirit and essence of that song.

On the traditional piece, “Darlin’ Corey,” Gardner displays a fiery lead vocal and a sly and mischievous dobro that combine with MacAllister’s banjo to offer up a performance that is alive and energetic.

Finally, on “Are You Lonesome Tonight,” an old standard, MacAllister is again on lead vocal, providing a longing touch that is both tender and moving. She is ably supported by wonderful harmonies from Gardner and Solebello.

All three members of Red Molly are strong, individual talents. However, as a unit they become something special, and this EP is a clear reflection of the unique blending of artistry that MacAllister, Gardner and Solebello put forth. About the only flaw one can find in Red Molly’s efforts on this 4 song EP? It is not a 10 song CD.

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