Sunday, October 3, 2004

"Sammy's Hill," by Kristin Gore

When I read in Newsweek a few weeks ago that Kristin Gore, daughter of Vice President Al Gore, had written a novel that was receiving positive reviews, I thought, "Ok, it sounds good. Let me buy it and give it a whirl."

"Sammy's Hill" is the story of Samantha Joyce, a Senate staffer working on healthcare issues for Senator Robert Gary, of Ohio. The story is a very interesting look into D.C. culture, the ways of the Senate staffing world, the agendas of politics and politicians, and the whole game that is our government at times. That would make this a worthwhile read in and of itself..

However, what makes this book special is Sammy. She is naive, devoted, sincere, hard working, and determined to make things better. She is also a bit neurotic, clumsy, a bumbler, and unlucky at love. Sammy is not the best with a blackberry, either, which makes for the two most humorous parts of the book.

Kristin Gore gives us a story that is both smart and insightful, yet also loving, cute and laugh out loud hysterical. It finishes with a flourish that is touching just long enough to make the parting moment of the book that much funnier.

I loved this book on several levels. Buy it. Read it. Enjoy it.

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