Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Poem: Evil's Triangle

Evil’s Triangle

Do not speak to me of holiness,
Or piety.
Wretched and weak, the soul
And mind
Of the mindless worshipper;
Following works; myths, illusions.
To remind you that you stand for something;
Something destructive,
As you inflict upon others divisiveness, fear, intolerance,
And subservient obedience.

This leads me to ask what you follow?
A madman who heard voices and was a slaughterer?
Or the twisted fabric of stories wound by a malevolent force?
The Church.
For if Jesus existed; a question, he was not this Christ;
Your creation.
Now of bigotry, smallness and corruption.
Devoid of God.
Finally, the radicalism of the Chosen zealots.
Fiction’s account.
Oppressive, obsessive and possessive of “righteous” land,
Tainted completely.
Stubbornly held devotion … to … to … to
Religious insanity.

Copyright SGW 2015

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Perfect! My son challenges all who think of him as an abomination.