Sunday, December 18, 2011

Poem: Vase


Vase on a shelf
Never deigned to be exquisite
But there

Then it fell
Knocked ‘gainst walls
‘Twas exposed to world

Until it showed cracks
Faded luster

More cracks

So it was left
Left on the shelf
To gather dust

Growing old in its broken solitude

Copyright SGW 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cancer Alliance Blog

LinkPeople finding their way here looking for information useful to anyone dealing with cancer, should check out:

David Haas, Awareness Program Advocate

Friday, December 2, 2011

Poem: Music

Music(Dedicated to Jerzy Jung, Cat, Novae, and Matt Kay.)

Melodies lift me to spirits removing
Notes of the singer
Gently fine in the soothing
Lilting, the voice of a graceful, soft soul
Connecting the chords as embracingly whole
Strumming guitars
Tapping ivory with touch
All sounds of the music I love oh so much
Strings adding body
Or drums for the pace
A world without song is a world I'd not face
Closing my eyes as each word grabs my being
Every line in a song leaves new stories for seeing
As rhythmic waves bring caresses to heal
This musical ocean is the cleansing to feel
To swing and to sway with a full-measured voice
Heavenly rising within rapturous choice
In music's a closeness to God everlasting
For the heart left adrift there's a line that He's casting
Artistic endeavors through the music discovered
A touch of true beauty in the sounds left uncovered

Copyright SGW 2003

*Inspired by every musician who has left their imprint on me, and shared their gift. More of my poetry is based on the sounds I have heard than on any other form.