Monday, November 15, 2004

Poem: Dear John

First, my apologies for not having a poem for Colin Powell, Ann Veneman or Stuart Abraham, but this poet only has so much to give. I felt it necessary to send off our former Attorney General with a few verses. I also sent a copy to the DOJ to pass along to Johnny-boy himself, so if there are no further postings or this site goes dead, please forward all correspondence to me c/o Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Dear John

The news you’re departing has filled me as such
Too many reminders of the hatred you clutch
Countless reflections in minutest detail
Given to power only fear could prevail
In every expression, with contempt you denied
No room left for wisdom, the message implied
Statues were seen as an image corruption
Naked they stood for a virtued disruption
Lost was the beauty of artistic creation
Perhaps in your pants was a growing elation?!
Threats were a reason for imposing restriction
Every last Muslim had become an affliction
Rights were distractions to the mission at hand
Burdens of freedom you just couldn’t stand
Oppressive detail was the tool of your making
Constitutional values your actions were breaking
Self-righteously speaking with a voice void of reason
Your Department of Justice in its own witching season
Historical writings will portray your small thinking
Extremist and hater, to your name they’ll be linking

Copyright SGW 2004

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