Monday, December 6, 2004

Movie: Run Lola Run

Last night I watched the movie, “Run Lola Run,” from 1999. I know it received a lot of attention, and I must say, deservedly so. The story in and of itself is not much. The acting is unimportant. However, the way the movie is structured and constructed is brilliant. This was a completely original picture. Tom Tykwer, the writer and director, does a marvelous job of pointing out coincidence and choice, and how simple things can so dramatically alter life based on how everything is woven together. The flash-ahead sequences are a super idea, too.

If you are like me, and you missed this movie, go rent “Run Lola Run,” and see it at once. You will be spellbound by how smart it is inspite of its uncomplicated base.


Kat Mortensen said...

We own this movie. I really like the lead, Franka Potente and when this movie came out, I don't think there had been anything like it before, with such pace, such a pulsating, raucous soundtrack and such a unique story thread.
If you like the foreign films, and particularly unusual ones, see a Swedish movie called "Songs From the Second Floor". It's like an Ikea advertisement on acid. (Not that I would really know, of course.)
We have an extensive collection of foreign, classic and contemporary dvds and videos (widescreen please!) and I could talk for hours about movies.

Unknown said...

I catch indy films in a theater not far from me here. I have been remiss of late, but some good movies have been in the main places, which is nice. I saw Atonement, Juno, The Great Debaters,and Sweeney Todd in recent weeks, and that is a good group of flicks!