Sunday, October 18, 2009

Poem: Republicans


Were elected to serve us, but serve us they won’t

Any offered solutions, their answer is don’t

Reforming of health care, the time is at hand

Stand as obstructers, to hell with a plan

Demagogue issues, deny, lie, mislead

The purpose is clearly representative greed

Speak for big business, insurers and rich

Pretend for the masses, than pull double-switch

Represented by FOX of that “fair-balanced” claim

The viewers are morons, the hosts are insane

Where fair is more fear and balance quite not

Republican bias is all that they’ve got

The Party of No, holding ‘nary a care

Twisting all answers, they mindlessly scare

The mess of their making, though they’ll never admit

Their leadership worthless, their agenda is shit

Copyright SGW 2009


Kat Mortensen said...

While I try to stay away from the topics of religion or politics, I will say that I think your poem is well-crafted and exhibits a sincere stance.


Unknown said...

Thanx, but have some fun; go out on the ledge!

Anonymous said...

Hi. So Sorry to be posting ont he wrong poem but it's the latest and maybe I could get your attention alittle easier.
I would like to make an animation piece from one of your poems "Life Of A Leaf" for my Final Year Project.
If possible, please contact me at