Sunday, December 8, 2013

Poem: War On Christmas

War On Christmas
“It’s wartime on Christmas,” says the charlatan voice
Reveling in tantrums instead of godly rejoice
Each year like clockwork comes the passionate fury
The attack on what’s “holy” in their self-righteous glory

In a nation three-quarters Christian it is hard to conceive
As to who’s actually threat to exactly what to believe
Perpetuation of fraud lies at root of the frenzy
To whip up the masses, requires indignation aplenty

For where is the gospel in these preachers of lying?
Lacking of love holds intolerant plying
Demanding that all of the people must comply to their stricture
Unbending beliefs seem quite removed from the scripture
The populace shopping to capitalistic vulgarity
Where is the outcry to our moneyed depravity?
And all of the symbols from a pagan’s beginning
Since no origin in Jesus, is a Christmas tree sinning?

The truth is the message is meant to divide us with hate
The fake war on Christmas:  Deceive … Inculcate
It is all an illusion by the worst of the lot
The one thing assured; any God they’ve forgot

 Copyright SGW 2013/2016

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