Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Poem: Circling The Drain

Circling The Drain

The Republican remnants in a terrible fright
The right wingnuts worry they have lost all their bite
Cry of lost power thrown away they once kept
When they made the decisions they were wholly inept
They freed Wall Street bankers to run unfettered by law
Rules that might govern they would strongly abhor
The economy’s in ruin and they offer just “no’s”
Herbert Hoover their answer as history shows
Boxed in a nation only richest might thrive
When Bushie left office we could barely survive
Their Fox, faux, fake news show where the ignorant turn
They distort, twist and lie and their viewers won’t learn
Screaming irrationally and playing to fear
Obama’s a Marxist, militant (black), Muslim, queer
Reduced to the ravings of a tea-bagging muddle
The conservative ocean now no more than a puddle

Copyright SGW 2009


Kat Mortensen said...

I love that "tea-bagging muddle". I had not heard that term before. I read about it on another blog.
Oh, and "Fox, faux, fake-news" is good too.


Unknown said...

Thank you. Given the Republican Party's non-stop hissy fit and dishonesty, this poem had to be written. I did so a couple of months ago, I guess, but never got around to posting it. The funniest part about the tea-bagging nonsense is the sexual connotation that the wingnuts were not even aware of.