Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Poem: Prevention

I work for a place that PREVENTS child abuse. That is the first thing that made this endeavor a challenge: How do you write about something that has not happened? My organization trains people and provides technical assistance to those who work with families, so they are not necessarily the first line of action either. They are in the schools and run programs, as such, but again, it is a tough angle to write from. They asked me to do so.


Days can grow long with a sense of no hope

Life has its struggles of a too much to cope

I could know not the answers for a world of dismay

Fallen ‘pon hardships of a sure disarray

Money grows tighter so as can’t meet their needs

Obligations as mother are a challenge to heed

How can I feed them and who will buy clothes

Help with the housework? God only knows!

They disrupt any quiet and disobey me at will

Constantly crying, and the whining grows shrill

Lines of support mostly shatter or wilt

Relationship’s falter from foundation’s poor-built

An urge often rises all the harder to fight

You are weak with exhaustion; every nerve starts to bite

Control could be lost bringing anger to head

That’s when children get beaten; that’s when children get dead

One should see these portrayals as being unset by stone

There are choices to make if we’re not left alone

For the parent who struggles, there’s an alternate route

Teachers with answers to be found all about

In the training, assistance and support we provide

At each fork in the road better paths get applied

Here lies a purpose and the mission at core

Preventing abuse – we will work all the more

Copyright SGW 2009


Michelle Hix said...

I like the first one more...only because I think it is easy to understand and it seems your audience might not all be the type to analyze poetry. I think it speaks clearly.

But I'm not sure I understand this part -

Someone’s there
Are there answers

Is the second line a question?

Unknown said...

Yes, I went no punctuation on the first poem.

momteachr said...

Both poems are good but I would choose the second one. The second poem leaves the reader feeling like there is someone out there who is willing to help. If you are trying to instill a sense of hope during difficult times I would go with the second poem. Second half of second peom conveys hope in a clearer way.

paisley said...

i think the whole thing works nicely together... most people wont read past the first couple lines anyway unfortunately especially when the message is so important.....