Sunday, May 17, 2015

Poem: Tree Pollen

Tree Pollen

Trees are a beauty of our natural world
Magnificent forests through their growth are unfurled
Needed for life in multitude image
Landscapes of greens as a picturesque visage


For three weeks in spring they’re my most mortal foe
When tree pollen falls and soft breezes blow
Tree reproduction produces miserable condition
Nothing relieves whether pill, drops, physician
Eyes start to itch ‘till I rub the skin red
Nose is congested as to weigh down my head
Sneeze, and I sneeze, then I sneeze yet again
Sniffle, nose running, scratch my eyes, sneeze and then
More sneezes, more sniffles and my eyes are now blurred
Massive allergic reactions my whole life have occurred
Pollen covers my car and it fills up the air
I sneeze yet once more and no tissue I’ll spare

Copyright SGW 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015

"Engineered Underground," by Melissa Donovan (Book)

I highly recommend this book by author Melissa Donovan. If you enjoy Sci-Fi that will keep you riveted, this book is for you. Plus, how refreshing to see strong, female characters.

Engineered Underground - Metamorphosis-Book-One (Kindle Version) $2.99

Engineered-Underground-Metamorphosis-Book-One (Hard Copy) $12.99  I recommend the hard copy. Books should be held and loved.

Also, check out more from Melissa Donovan at: Writing Forward.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Poem: Paralysis

Wake from the dreams that devolve into fear
Feel the walls close as they corner me near
Exposed to the cuttings of the knives in mind’s eye
Spun with a vision of the grief that seems nigh
Like proverbial deer in the headlights left numb
Paralysis set as the all to become
Sweat beads in patterns filling time’s worried track
Has the moment been met to accept all I lack?
Stare into darkness offering imperceptible choice
Scream for the answers with an indistinct voice

 Copyright SGW 2014

Sunday, February 1, 2015

American Sniper

Let me preface my main comments with a few words. I tend to believe Chris Kyle and I would disagree on politics, the Second Amendment, violence as a general solution to problems, and much more. I also understand that his book is more severe than the movie, which his wife's perspective has apparently softened. Also, I am no fan of Clint Eastwood, who I find to be one of the most overrated people in Hollywood, and a bit of a dick politically.

Having said all of that, "American Sniper" is worth seeing. It is not a pro-war propaganda piece. The harsh realities of war are on full display and Kyle's imperfections are bluntly shown at times. While his good qualities might be embellished somewhat, his flaws are far from hidden. Also, I genuinely believe he was modest about his sniper kills, more concerned with the lives of American soldiers he saved by doing his job and acted in a manner of honor and moral codes of war during his service.

While I appreciate Michael Moore's feelings, resulting from a sniper's killing of a family member in World War II, his views that a sniper is a coward are ridiculous and uncalled for. A sniper in the context of Chris Kyle's service is doing a job that saves the lives of other soldiers, and there is nothing within Kyle's time of service I am aware of that indicates dishonor, war crimes or cowardice.

As for the movie, it does not lead anyone to believe 9/11 was connected to Iraq. In fact, it shows Kyle being driven to serve by the 1998 bombings in Kenya and being affected by 9/11. We all were, so why not him? He served in Iraq, but I would assume that is where he was called to duty.

I opposed the Iraq War, and remain convinced that it was a wholly unnecessary endeavor that led to much unnecessary and pointless death and helped spread Islamic extremism's reach to areas it would not exist in otherwise. I believe members of the Bush Administration acted treasonously by lying about weapons of mass destruction and al Qaeda links. I also feel war crimes were committed at very high levels and by some troops. However, the majority of the soldiers who fought there did so with honor and courage. They deserve our respect. Chris Kyle was one of those soldiers. His service was incredible and he deserves all the honors he received. Calling him an American hero within the context of his military service is completely justifiable.

Bradley Cooper does an excellent job of portraying Kyle. Sienna Miller is equally superb as Kyle's wife. Eastwood has given a fair portrayal of war in Iraq, showing the horror, courage, destruction, and ambivalence of war. He also gives us the impact of that war on the people there who were caught in the middle. Lastly, Kyle's struggle with re-integrating into civilian life is conveyed well and you feel his undertaking to "come home."

I went into the viewing of "American Sniper" expecting to gain "evidence" to criticize Clint Eastwood for making a pro-war movie. I expected to find significant flaws in the character of Chris Kyle. After leaving the theater and reading a bit about the man's life, he clearly had warts. But Chris Kyle was a hero deserving of respect and appreciation for his service. Clint Eastwood has made a quality movie and both Cooper and Miller are outstanding. Nothing here should win an Oscar, but this is a movie worth seeing and talking about. Kyle is worth getting an appreciation of as well.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


I don't know if the movie "Selma" is an Oscar-winning worthy movie, or if its lead actor, David Oyelowo, and director, Ava DuVernay, should win either. Personally, my votes would lie elsewhere. I also wish a powerful, history-based film would have been more true to that history, especially as regards President Lyndon Johnson.

However, "Selma" is an extraordinarily important film and it merits strong praise and commendation. As I sat watching the movie, the most important thing that entered my mind was the reminder of the struggles that had to be fought, and are continuing today. 

The bravery that so many anonymous people displayed in the Civil Rights movement is astounding. To have the fortitude to walk into a government office to register to vote in Alabama in the 60's, or to lead marches and rallies while Klansman salivated nearby over the opportunity to beat and lynch you, or to stand up to incredible power and force and say, "I will not go quietly," is remarkable for its courage. 

We can remember Dr. King and other famous figures. But we cannot forget the countless, unnamed people who were bruised, battered, hosed, attacked by dogs, lynched, shot, and bombed all in the name of simple and basic equality.

So as I left the theater, my hope became that "Selma" might be a movie that is shown to schoolchildren all over the nation. That viewing would be followed by long discussions on Dr. King, President Johnson and the entire Civil Rights movement, and then connected to our modern times in the on-going struggle for full equality for blacks ... and Hispanics, gays, women ...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Je Suis Charlie

It is time to put an end to radical, extremism in all religions. Islam is currently the worst strain, but all three major religions need to keep their beliefs to themselves on a personal level.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Poem: Evil's Triangle

Evil’s Triangle

Do not speak to me of holiness,
Or piety.
Wretched and weak, the soul
And mind
Of the mindless worshipper;
Following works; myths, illusions.
To remind you that you stand for something;
Something destructive,
As you inflict upon others divisiveness, fear, intolerance,
And subservient obedience.

This leads me to ask what you follow?
A madman who heard voices and was a slaughterer?
Or the twisted fabric of stories wound by a malevolent force?
The Church.
For if Jesus existed; a question, he was not this Christ;
Your creation.
Now of bigotry, smallness and corruption.
Devoid of God.
Finally, the radicalism of the Chosen zealots.
Fiction’s account.
Oppressive, obsessive and possessive of “righteous” land,
Tainted completely.
Stubbornly held devotion … to … to … to
Religious insanity.

Copyright SGW 2015

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Poem: Flexible Thinking

This is a poem about how we, as a society, view those who are "different" than most, specifically people with mental illnesses.

Flexible Thinking

The world creates footprints having us walk as assigned
Whether the path’s one we’ve chosen becomes poorly defined
What is considered as different seems confining in space
Judgments lacking of depth rather made with much haste
The inner workings of minds don’t tend to follow set planning
Divergent formation is forever wide-spanning
Understanding’s required and we all must remember
Isolation of variation is a greatest offender
Seen in each person is an aspirational composition
Growth, respect, wellness build sincere recognition

Copyright SGW 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Poem: Feline


Portrayed as a villain
Yet conflicted dimension
Anti-heroine persona
Defies comprehension

Circumstance driven
Complexity shaped
Hardships evolve
Until can’t be escaped

Run in the shadows
Night as companion
Driven by purpose
Or reckless abandon?

Nine lives since granted
Cat burglar’s touch
Declaring the victim
Lacking focus as such

Copyright SGW 2014

And read Melissa Donovan's poem, Catwoman, on the same subject.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Poem: Jerusalem


Dogmatically driven to irreconcilable distance
In these matters of faith forms an irreverent resistance
Doctrinaire preaching, clarion calls
Exclusion of reason this extremism falls
Men formed a practice in derivation to cede
Piety lost to humanity’s “need”

Pieces of dirt, pieces of stone
Mounts, mosques and temples
Over flesh, blood and bone

All come together in an apex of violence
The morally certain feed unreflective compliance
Unshakable faith adhered to at cost of the soul
Manipulative message from interpretative scrolls
Pushed to their poles of extremist conveyance
Any peaceful existence will be kept in abeyance

As long as the battle goes on zealously waged
The people won’t reason and are kept in their rage
Diminished to naught is all virtuous proceeding
Chancing heaven on earth to the distance receding

Copyright SGW 2014

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Poem: Penned

Pen moves with a mysteriousness
Often serving expressive outlet
Sometimes no more than cheap therapy
As words from infinite places
Indeterminate inspirations
Whether divinely forthcoming
Or musings informed by life’s events
They are all of me, yet not solely
For the words exist in each of us
I have chosen to transcribe snippets
Here are a few

 Copyright SGW 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Red Molly: "Clinch River Blues"

Looking for music that captures the essence of the Americana sound? Search no further than the trio Red Molly, featuring Laurie MacAllister, Abbie Gardner and Molly Venter. Formed in 2004, their harmonies and musicianship have been highlighted on CDs and live performances the world over. Their latest release, "The Red Album," is a must have. Bringing a blend of brilliant songwriting and bewitching covers, Red Molly has it all. The opening track is "Clinch River Blues," and it is captured on this video, released today. Check it out and go to their website to learn more and purchase the CD.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Poem: All Good Things

All Good Things

She was a dream
She was a whisper
She was a time
When once he kissed her

She was a wish
She was a vision
She was a place
He’s not since risen

She was a laugh
She was a wonder
She was a gift
Was torn asunder

He longs to dream
He craves the whisper
He counts the time
Again to’ve kissed her

Copyright SGW 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Poem: Makhoche

Rolling hills of knee-high grass
Gentle breeze weaves through the pass
Endless fields touch spacious skies
Puffy clouds sing lullabies
Drive beside the rock constructions
Canyons yield to mass productions
Needles Eye and hairpin bends
Revealing paths to heights ascends
Land is filled with untamed presence
A wildlife-forming coalescence
Multitudes of bison graze
Prairie dogs chirp communiqu├ęs
Pronghorns dance ‘cross open fields
Big-horn sheep stay more concealed
Badlands gleam a haunting vision
Like earth and moon in mass collision
Chiseled scenes dwell outside time
Severely formed; a world sublime
Remark upon the timeless range
Rest assured it won’t soon change

Copyright SGW 2014

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Poem: Jackson


Slashes of color in vibrancy mark
Canvas imprinted by creativity’s spark
Images cutting a blackness of soul
Brush strokes on fire contrast the dark whole
Yellows and reds, often greens will appear
The mind sets the pattern that the painter might steer
Feel all his passion as abstractions evolve
Conflict the tableau he could never resolve

Copyright SGW 2014