Sunday, August 19, 2018

Racists' Different Names

Racists’ Different Names

American NAZIs or Ku Klux Klan
No matter the names, they share the same plan
Hatred and evil and bigotry’s hand
Morality missing for all which they stand

Risen from swamps of a racist’s divine
Donald Trump wears the emblem of supremacist’s line
His message is wrapped in the worst we have been
Make American Great Again; our original sin

Through slavery, segregation and violent acts
Indian genocide and anti-immigrant tracts
Always “those people,” lent an image to fear
A small-minded dogma zealots cling to as dear

If you can’t see this evil or sit idly by
Bring a rationalization as deflective reply
Hide behind falsehoods that you wrap to your being
Denying the threat and pretend you’re not seeing

You don’t need the hood or the NAZI salute
Enabling of malice is its own absolute
History will show you as a partner of hate
Sides have been chosen and it is approaching too late

Copyright SGW 2018

Footnote: Inspired by Spike Lee’s “BlackkKlansman.”