Monday, November 28, 2005

Poem: Nightfall


Wind whispers softly over darkening terrain
Moments in time are forever the same
Leaves rustle gently within valleys below
Moon in the sky gives a slightest of glow
Mountains soon mask yet another day ending
Sounds of the forest are in multitude blending
Quietly breaking as the world falls to slumber
Nightfall repeated far too frequent to number

Copyright SGW 2003

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Springsteen - There is no one else

Bruce Springsteen brought his solo tour to the Meadowlands last night for a rousing two and a half hour performance that saw this generation's greatest poet rise to new heights of brilliance and inspiration. With just his guitar and harmonica, Springsteen opened with "Empty Sky," followed by a haunting, foot-stomping, echoed version of "Born in the USA" that left the audience speechless.

Throughout the show, the evening was about taking risks, going in new places with old friends and re-defining what was believed to be clearly laid out once before. What the crowd was left with was many old memories put into new lights that were equally important and rewarding.

Springsteen was on top of his game, mixing new songs from his "Devils and Dust" CD with old classics such as "Lost in the Flood," "Backstreets," "Promised Land," and the legendary "Thundercrack." The bare-boned "Johnny 99" found a new voice in an amplified and powerful rendition that gave the murderer of the story greater impact and tragedy. And Springsteen paid tribute to a Vietnam casualty from his youth who he recalled on a visit to Washington D.C. years ago in the song, "Wall."

Springsteen spoke vividly to the crowd about growing up with so many family members surrounding him (even displaying a child's drawing of a map of the area on posterboard) and also of now being a father wanting to give his own children the space to be individuals finding their own ways. He tied this message into "Jesus Was an Only Child," interrupting the song mid verse several times to further his story.

He also made reference to the current debate over evolution, and mocked the radicals in this country for their misplaced hostility toward science with a sly version of "Part Man, Part Monkey."

Bruce Springsteen came to the Meadowlands and reminded New Jersey and anyone who was listening why he is a musical and lyrical genius. As time passes, what Springsteen provides his audiences never diminishes, but instead grows within the collective bond of preacher and his congregation.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Poem: Girl With A Pearl Earring

From the movie, I wrote this after first seeing the picture. After re-watching it last weekend, this poem seemed like a good choice for Poetic Leanings.

Girl With A Pearl Earring

Gentle contours of a cheek;
As shadows break lines crossing;
Curving neck gracefully bent.
A look over shouldered glance.
And here lies a work of art;
And all it can hold within;
Passions expounded in form;
Hides pleasures beyond canvas.
A thousand sheltered meanings,
Musings, thoughts, and emotions.
A work of art takes design;
With lock of hair slipping free;
Masking an all-knowing stare;
Unrevealed dreams and blessings;
Invoked by lustful sweeping;
The brush strokes with tender touch;
A girl with a pearl earring.

Copyright SGW 2004

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I am looking at my cat, Boo, differently today

I just read that there are people that are studying the marking habits of cats and exploring whether they are actually creating artistically. The cats are given canvasses and paint and, at times, do seem to be working with pattern and focus.

One cat painting sold for $19,000!! I swear to God!!

I keep offering Boo a brush and have pleaded with him to feel the inspiration, but he just looks at me funny and walks away.