Monday, July 23, 2007


I was in a meditation group today, and afterwards there was a conversational circle of sorts. One person said something that I found to be right on and in complete alignment with my beliefs.

To paraphrase her, "Our goal here is not to be tolerant. We strive to go beyond that."

I concur.

While far too many people, mostly of the extreme right in this country and of an extremist bent throughout the world, are miles and miles from tolerance, simply being tolerant should never be an endpoint. The word, and the act itself, merely implies a willingness to put up with someone or something. There is nothing toward speaking of acceptance, understanding or oneness in being tolerant.

When the gay/lesbian or person of color or spiritually different soul or slightly "unusual" spirit or the individual who is not exactly like you or most of the people of your flock becomes someone who you do not simply tolerate, but love, honor, embrace, and connect to, then you are doing something special.

Talk to me then.