Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Poem: Trump

Where to begin with this horrible being
Aghast at the lines have been crossed I am seeing
The simpleton masses devour his message
Intolerance; fear; hateful; over-aggressive
He vomits ideas wholly lacking cognition
Provides us the trough of the human condition
Worst of our nation is conveyed from his tower
Irrational voice we’re too close to empower
Venom springs forth in a play to the rage
Spinning toward madness, will not move to assuage
Instead he’ll encourage further frenzying riot
All in the name of self-serving disquiet
Wholly a fraud in his words and past practice
Slogans, salutes and bravado distract us
Racist and fascist and the face of corruption
His ignorant mob is enflamed to eruption
If you find any cause to support Donald Trump
All you must be is a fool and a chump

Copyright SGW 2016