Saturday, March 29, 2008

Poem: Soothing


A million sunshines
Emanate from your laughter
When I can share it

Copyright SGW 2008

For the prompt at One Single Impression: Laughter

Friday, March 28, 2008

My Hometown

I feel like we need one, big community bath here in Freehold Township after having been sullied so.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Poem: Little Things Lost

Anyone who believes the Iraq War can EVER have a positive outcome has bought the Bush/McCain proverbial bridge for sale. Ideally, the only goal can be to get out of Iraq with reasonable speed and undo the damage done by George W. Bush and his crew of foreign policy "experts."

Iraq can never be won because it never should have been a battleground. The real military struggle was in Afghanistan, but a full effort was withheld due to the coming Iraq War. Now the Taliban and al Qaeda are re-forming there.

Iraq can never be won because the original mission was about weapons of mass destruction that never existed. Evidence and words of wisdom were ignored or dismissed because rigid minds were hell-bent on a war built upon false pretense.

Iraq can never be won because a potential real enemy, Iran, has actually been strengthened significantly as a direct result of the Iraq War. The other true enemy, al Qaeda, which never existed within Iraq or in any association with that country, now has a strong presence there in direct relation to our military involvement. Even if al Qaeda were completely wiped out in Iraq, all that would be accomplished would be getting back to Point A there with regards to terrorism. There would be no gain.

Iraq can never be won because it has led indirectly to instability in Pakistan, Gaza, Israel-Palestine negotiations, the Turkish border region, and the U.S. economy via a growing deficit and debt, and $100+ a barrel oil.

Iraq can never be won because eventually we will have to leave, and then civil war between Sunni, Shia and Kurd will begin to bubble with increased energy.

Iraq can never be won with a surge. Military success is limited and fleeting; we cannot surge indefinitely. Political reconciliation has been insignificant. The truth behind decreased violence, which is already reversing in some respects? Al-Sadr's temporary cease fire, Sunni fighting al Qaeda, which began well in advance of the surge, and ethnically cleansed neighborhoods.

Iraq can never be won due to the lost prestige the U.S. has suffered from. The damage to our reputation and world position is overwhelming. Considering that virtually the entire world supported us on September 12, 2001, we have wasted away quite a bit of opportunity.

But, the number one reason Iraq can never be won?

Little Things Lost

Child holds a ball in a field
Nobody else is revealed
Now sits a glove all alone
Daddy is not coming home

Lover can cry every night
Somehow this bed isn’t right
Reach for a body to hold
Half of the sheets are still cold

Wedding band serves to remind
Look to a window resigned
No one will walk through that door
Casualty’s toll of a war

“Dada,” a little girl cries
Unanswered questions of “whys”
Dreams of these lives are the cost
So many little things lost

Copyright SGW 2008

Poem: Fresh


Spring comes any day
New beginnings can blossom,
So might today bloom

Copyright SGW 2008

For the prompt at One Single Impression: Spring.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Are we capable of growing?

I received two E Mails a few days ago, forwarded by friends. One claimed Senator Barack Obama (Of course, they add his middle name, Hussein, as if that automatically makes him dirty.) was a Muslim (Interesting, given the nonsense about Obama being responsible for what his Christian minister said a few years ago.). It went on to explain how a Muslim could not be a good American. The other E Mail called Obama a black militant, and referenced his half brother in Kenya (Again, as if that was proof that Obama would basically have whites shot on sight or thrown into pits filled with crocodiles.).

In 1960, people were spreading stories opposing JFK's election to the presidency because he was a Catholic. Some simply hated that in and of itself. Others figured, "Well, he is Catholic, so surely the Pope will decide U.S. policy."

Hell, even war hero Max Cleland, who lost both legs and an arm in Vietnam, lost his Georgia Senate seat in 2002 for being a "bin Laden sympathizer." Pathetic.

In 2004, another war hero, John Kerry, was vilified by a group of liars called Swift Vote Veterans for the Truth. Truth, uh huh.

Is it impossible for any Muslim to be a good American? How sad that some think so. If you take any religion, and apply that belief's book of worship 100%, including Christianity and Judaism, it would be impossible to be a good American. Proof of that is the radical, fundamentalists in this country today who follow their bible with full zeal.

We get E Mails, so whatever is in them must be true. Barack Obama is a Muslim. First, if he was, I could not care less. But, he is unquestionably NOT a Muslim. He is a Christian. Saying his middle name whenever mentioning him does not change that fact.

John McCain fathered a black child according to the Bush campaign in 2000. Untrue, but even those on the right sometime get slimed by ignorance.

Barack Obama is a black militant? Obama is half white! He was raised by his white grandparents. His two books, one written long before he ever likely considered running for office spoke tirelessly of coming together. He has preached that in this campaign. He has been forced to repeatedly fight racism, too, which is what all these Muslim and black militant pieces are about.

Obama's brother, who he does not live with, was not raised or schooled by and has not even lived in close proximity to, has said, " that the black man must 'liberate himself from the poisoning influences of European culture.'" So what. First, there is a great deal of truth in that for many blacks in Africa, a continent that has been brutalized for centuries by European oppression. Of course, that does not justify the violence of blacks themselves in Africa. Second, what one's brother says is in no way indicative of one's self.

Vote for Hillary because you think she would be a better leader and can manage the country more efficiently than Obama. Vote for McCain because you want four more years of Bush's bungled foreign policy and economic incompetence. Don't support Obama for reasons based on reality, the issues and the truth. E Mails of him being a Muslim or a black militant or responsible for people he holds no responsibility for are all about the color of his skin and fear.

I feel so hurt by people believing in the crap being E Mailed and spoken enough to perpetuate it. It makes me feel a sense of loss for a bit of respect for those folks, but also for our country, because I know many are buying into this stuff, when we clearly have a chance to go forward for a change and be more than we've been so far.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Poem: Around Each Other

Around Each Other

I tried to listen
To your language of wisdom,
Wanting me to hear

Copyright SGW 2008

For the prompt at One Single Impression: Circles.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thoughts for today

Thought #1: Why is it that a handful of supporters of two superb presidential candidates find it necessary to speak with such bigoted venom when criticizing the other candidate? President Obama or President Clinton; both have a nice ring. Progressives don't hate like this. Stop it! Leave that stuff to the frightened, small-minded right-wingers.

Thought #2: Am I the only person who finds the Burger King kinda' creepy?

Thought #3: My cat spends his days sleeping, lying in the sun, eating, watching birds, and getting his belly rubbed. Can I be a cat?

Thought #4: If I sleep on my side at night, will all of my worries slip out my ear and go away?

Thought #5: I want a wealthy benefactor for my poetry. Any volunteers?

Thought #6: If Florida can't figure out this voting thing soon, I say we sell them back to Spain. Enough is enough already!

Thought #7: Let's all meet in New York City one Saturday, read poetry to each other in Washington Square Park and then go have a few Guinnesses.

Thought #8: If there was no music in the world, I'd wish for someone to invent it.

Thought #9: We are going to need a helluva' lot of cleaning products (environmentally safe, please) on January 21, 2009. There sure is a huge mess to clean up.

Thought #10: When I get under the covers, the boogieman can't get me. See ya'!

One Day Later Thought #11: I have an incredible craving for ginger bread snaps.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Poem: Barack

No, I am not naive. I realize it takes more than a speech. I think Obama is much more than simply words. He is no less experienced than a former first lady. Nor is he less experienced than someone who has served in the Senate for years and is wrong on Iraq and is a lose cannon on Iran. Abraham Lincoln had less "experience" than Obama. So did Teddy Roosevelt. Andrew Johnson, James Buchanan and Richard Nixon; they had loads of experience. Give me the hope and the ability to affect people. Give me someone who will talk to those on the other side and in other places. Give me fresh ideas. And, yes, give me Barack Hussein Obama, as if a middle name mattered in making him somehow a threat. The time is now, and I see new promise.


Pretenders speak in forced cliche
Find some words to flip away
Don’t believe that hope exists
Doubts can grow where fears persist

A man steps forth to voice a dream
Change can come with quite the scene
Promise made to reach new height
U.S.A. restored to light

“Yes we can,” the means are laid
Cynics cry and games get played
Tired calls to heed the past
Rise above; “We’re free at last”

Obama brings fresh inspiration
The road can climb new elevations
Vision forms a righteous plan
Conviction builds around the man

Time will tell if we seize the day
A better path, a different way
The “New Frontier” might rise again
Let’s move ahead, not where we’ve been

Beyond today lies shining dawn
With faith and strength a brightening morn
Alarms ring out ‘pon ticking clock
The dye’s been cast; we need Barack

Copyright SGW 2008

1. “Yes we can:” I use this phrase based on the Obama speech and the song. Some claim that Cesar Chavez first used this in 1972.
2. “We’re free at last:” Obviously, this comes from Martin Luther King. My intentions are not to say that Obama is black, so let’s vote for him. Instead, I suggest that new ways, inclusive and of promise, can free us of our divisive and partisan ways. It is, though, a positive that people have a great candidate who is a minority, and appear able to vote for him.
3. “New Frontier:” This refers to the JFK message of the 1960 campaign for the presidency. His was a “New Frontier.” I view Obama’s ideals as being Kennedyesque, and, therefore, a possible second “New Frontier.”

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Poem: Where


This has been the lost time
Spinning, balance has fallen askew
A house of cards in strong winds
With only rotten wood strewn about as foundation
A hollow base that can bare no weight

Where are those I once helped in one way or another?

Too busy
Afraid, or missing the words
Promising, with empty intention
But certainly not here

A clock ticks
House walls creak
Leaves fall and scatter
Remembrances are painful
Baring shattered faith

Where are they all?

Copyright SGW 2007

Poem: Guarantee


With simplicity
Coming from a loving friend
There is assurance

Copyright SGW 2008

For this week's prompt at One Single Impression: Kindness.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Readers' Choice

For my next posted poem, which do you want from the below?

"Little Things Lost" : About the small things lost due to the Iraq War;

"A Cinquain" and "Another Cinquain" : Which are two poems using that form;

"Where" : A sad poem.

I am taking a chance here that someone will actually vote!

Update: Voting has been mixed and light so far, but returns are not in from all districts yet, plus the caucus results need to be accounted for .... what the hell am I talking about!? Too much CNN. Look for the selection Sunday night!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Loving, Texas

Because I am a political junkie, I was checking out the votes by county in Texas. I discovered that Barack Obama won Loving County by a margin of 7 to 5 over Hillary Clinton. That kind me wondering. I read more about Loving here. How cool is it that Texas has a county with 67 people in it as of 2000? I came across another site that had it down to 54 by 2004.

Will Loving disappear from Texas? The county with the first elected female sheriff, Edna Reed Claton Dewees in 1947, can't go under!! See the kind of love they have there!?

Loving, Texas: Got love it!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Poem: Layers


The whispers of time
Sweep along cavernous walls
That speak of old days

Copyright SGW 2008

For the One Single Impressions challenge.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Poem: Seuss Love

Seuss Love

I will love you in my heart
I will love you each day I start
I will love you in my car
I will love you from near and far
I will love you as days turn cold
I will love you when I grow old
I will love you as I hold my cats
I will love you while I do “this” and “thats”
I will love you as I watch TV
I will love you if I scrape my knee
I will love you while I’m all alone
I will love you when I’m on the phone
I will love you in the pouring rain
I will love you on a subway train
I will love you once I finish eating
I will love you as I attend a meeting
I will love you if my mail comes
I will love you while an old man hums
I will love you as I sleep at night
I will love you stuck at a traffic light
I will love you in my favorite resting spot
I will love you whether I am well or not
I will love you until the end of time
I will love you through each and every rhyme
I will love you ....

Copyright SGW 1999