Saturday, March 28, 2015

"Engineered Underground," by Melissa Donovan (Book)

I highly recommend this book by author Melissa Donovan. If you enjoy Sci-Fi that will keep you riveted, this book is for you. Plus, how refreshing to see strong, female characters.

Engineered Underground - Metamorphosis-Book-One (Kindle Version) $2.99

Engineered-Underground-Metamorphosis-Book-One (Hard Copy) $12.99  I recommend the hard copy. Books should be held and loved.

Also, check out more from Melissa Donovan at: Writing Forward.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Poem: Paralysis

Wake from the dreams that devolve into fear
Feel the walls close as they corner me near
Exposed to the cuttings of the knives in mind’s eye
Spun with a vision of the grief that seems nigh
Like proverbial deer in the headlights left numb
Paralysis set as the all to become
Sweat beads in patterns filling time’s worried track
Has the moment been met to accept all I lack?
Stare into darkness offering imperceptible choice
Scream for the answers with an indistinct voice

 Copyright SGW 2014