Sunday, July 1, 2018

Poem: Fascist's Dupes

Fascist’s Dupes

Were you part of the crazed masses of people
Screaming madly, unyielding devotion
As the little man with the odd mustache
Spewed on about the Fatherland first?
Nationalist, fiery rhetoric and pounding fist;
Don’t trust the media beyond the Goebbel’s tools!
Keep out or destroy those not like us!
Were you frothing at the mouth within your hostile, twisted fealty?

I ask this;

We look at the pictures today;
Those enablers, blind followers, hateful fools;
Cast aspersions on their souls.

But this is not like that.

Except the rule of law is threatened and scorned.
Media is condemned as “enemies of the state;”
Unless Rupert’s state media apparatus speaks.

Brown people are animals!
Refugees are terrorists!
Scientists are lying with their damned facts!

Tyrants and dictators are fawned upon.
The rich and corporatists gobble up any crumbs previously missed or kept from.

Hatred, fear, intolerance, irrationality, fraud, corruption, lies.

Drained the swamp; built an ocean’s cesspool.

We buy it all because, well, lies are easier.
Or our own unmistakable hatred, ignorance and fear feed us.
We will offer excuses or mixed up explanations.
Our cowardice resides in the shadows,
Behind the screaming, chanting, violent enmity.

Someday people will look upon our photographed images,
As the gluttonous, orange mass of vile inhumanity
Stands before us offering the same fascism.
We will be equally stained and shamed by history;

Copyright SGW 2018