Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Poem: Flexible Thinking

This is a poem about how we, as a society, view those who are "different" than most, specifically people with mental illnesses.

Flexible Thinking

The world creates footprints having us walk as assigned
Whether the path’s one we’ve chosen becomes poorly defined
What is considered as different seems confining in space
Judgments lacking of depth rather made with much haste
The inner workings of minds don’t tend to follow set planning
Divergent formation is forever wide-spanning
Understanding’s required and we all must remember
Isolation of variation is a greatest offender
Seen in each person is an aspirational composition
Growth, respect, wellness build sincere recognition

Copyright SGW 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Poem: Feline


Portrayed as a villain
Yet conflicted dimension
Anti-heroine persona
Defies comprehension

Circumstance driven
Complexity shaped
Hardships evolve
Until can’t be escaped

Run in the shadows
Night as companion
Driven by purpose
Or reckless abandon?

Nine lives since granted
Cat burglar’s touch
Declaring the victim
Lacking focus as such

Copyright SGW 2014

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Poem: Jerusalem


Dogmatically driven to irreconcilable distance
In these matters of faith forms an irreverent resistance
Doctrinaire preaching, clarion calls
Exclusion of reason this extremism falls
Men formed a practice in derivation to cede
Piety lost to humanity’s “need”

Pieces of dirt, pieces of stone
Mounts, mosques and temples
Over flesh, blood and bone

All come together in an apex of violence
The morally certain feed unreflective compliance
Unshakable faith adhered to at cost of the soul
Manipulative message from interpretative scrolls
Pushed to their poles of extremist conveyance
Any peaceful existence will be kept in abeyance

As long as the battle goes on zealously waged
The people won’t reason and are kept in their rage
Diminished to naught is all virtuous proceeding
Chancing heaven on earth to the distance receding

Copyright SGW 2014