Sunday, April 15, 2018

Poem: Clusterfuck #45

Clusterfuck #45

Each day brings a brand, new disaster
Or chaos, confusion and con
Awash in corruption and vices
And any; all, sanity gone

One, lone “accomplishment” is counted
A tax scam of epic device
Shifting the wealth of the nation
So the rich gets much more to their slice

Corruption runs rampant in dealings
The Emoluments Clause laid to wreck
Shadiness pervades every action
When a mafia clan has no check

The level of incompetence is astounding
Tweets expose emptiest suit
He will lie and distract to no purpose
But the deceits are his one absolute

“Draining the swamp” was pure artifice
Since replaced by an avowed toxic waste
From economy to environment to diplomacy
The destruction arrives with posthaste

Disgraced to the world in our turmoil
As Trump clings to tyrannical mates
He has traded away our virtue
In collusion, betrayal, dictates

Putin, ah Putin, his favorite despot
With impeachable behavior he’s set
An unbridled, ass-kissing convention
Or is it pee that explains what we get

He is walled by the vilest hatred
Building on bigotry and racism and fear
All “MAGA” conveys in its message
Is his cowardice is proved crystal-clear

Every day seems to pass in disorder
A small, little man run amok
This Trumpian reign ‘be remembered
As a mistaken, unsound clusterfuck

Copyright SGW 2018

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Poem: Fools' Day

Fools’ Days
Trump supporters
Do they notice?
Today is no different from all the others
Fools are three sixty-five

Butt of the joke

Draining the swamp
Tax cuts
Middle class relief
Job creation
Great negotiator
Best people
No collusion

April fools!
Rest of the year, too

Copyright SGW 2018