Sunday, January 27, 2013

Poem: Carrousel


She was always too busy claiming tasks to be done
Forever en route, endless errands to run
The juggler of missions, a servant of time
Life can be lost on this narrowing line

Excuses came plenty in her martyr’s brigade
The slave to a struggle who’s succumbed to what’s laid
Until eyes of impression are soon molded as well
The tree and its apples on the same carrousel

Too late to notice that you’re benumbed and immune
Cat’s in the cradle and the man in the moon
The children become what the mother has crafted
An appendage of labors has been too firmly grafted

Try to break in to break up the routine
But freedom of leisure only viewed as obscene
Imagination can’t flourish where every minute’s imposed
Where’s the freedom to dream or just wiggle one’s toes

Cat’s in the cradle and the man in the moon
Here’s to who’d craft of a less-perfect hewn

Copyright SGW 2013

Footnote:  Obvious reference to Harry Chapin’s “Cats in the Cradle.”

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Poem: Different Words

Different Words

Bullies have terrorized a country
Torn at all rational thought
Through combination of varietal methods
A destructive regression they’ve sought

Quietly succumbing in measure
Would be nice if were met with in-kind
But in the face of extremist departure
We must call out the worst that we’d find

Where racism, hatred and bigotry
Use actions and words as a voice
Naming them such is the battle
Must be waged without question or choice

Homophobic, anti-female or immigrant bashers
Elementally these are people to fight
And calling them out is not equal
It is morally given and right

When you say rape can’t impregnate a woman
Or you’d drive off economy’s cliff
While you insist that Obama’s a Kenyan
You’re a loon with no but, and or if

As a grouping of people go crazy
Irrational and of vilest of mind
The damage they do to the nation
Requires the bright light be shined

Calling them what they exhibit
Whether racist or nutjob or fool
Exposes their regressive obstruction
And provides them deserved ridicule

Copyright SGW 2013

This poem is dedicated to the overwhelming majority of the Republican politicians in office or who have run for office since 2008, FOX “News,” most conservative talk radio, teabaggers, S.I.P.E., and the extremism that they have come to represent and display.  Fighting against this with vigor is a must.  If someone is a racist, fearmonger, bigot, homophobe, class oppressor, liar, or, well, fringe, lunatic, calling them by those names is not stooping to their level or “name-calling.”  It is using a necessary weapon to shine a light on their hate, shame them and make others understand how destructive they are.