Friday, October 29, 2010

Poem: Tea


The voice of the teabagger is a voice often loud
With the signs of misspelling and the racism proud
Don’t know the issues that they’re too fool to learn
They will storm and unravel all that’s good by a turn
Strings pulled by wealthy; the big business elite
To “take back the guvmint” is the goal they would meet

For who needs tax fairness
Or Wall Street contained
And healthcare for all
Righteous goals since obtained
A mess of their making
Economic decay
Depression averted
Yet they ask a replay

An undercurrent of hatred cannot mask true intent
The far right wing mantra of a fearful relent
“Take back our country “ truly translates the pitch
Yet it’s not to what’s better, but rather white, Christian, rich
The worst of our nation with a small-minded vision
They feed on unknowing’s misinforming, revision
Of destructive contempt for any leaders who’d think
The teabagger movement wears Republican stink

Copyright SGW 2010